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  • Jodie Todd

    I wasn’t in my “best” condition when I came back from the club last week and the inevitable happened. The problem was persistent and I couldn’t really scrub all out. I had to call your professional cleaners to stop the stench – now my carpet is fresh and clean!

  • Jordan Knowles

    You robbed me of my stains at home. Thank you for the cleanest carpet I have ever had since I bought it! Now I am not embarassed when I invite guests over.

  • Dylan Adams

    Safe to say, I will get the deposit back from my landlord. It’s even cleaner than I moved in. Congrats on your colleagues, they are doing an amazing job.

  • Abbie Jones

    Thank you for saving me from a good scold from my parents. I threw the best party that ever happened in Marylebone which also needed an extraordinary set of cleaning skills which I totally lack.

  • Emma Hayward

    Recently, I was amongst the bed bugs victims. Large bites on my feet, bigger than a mosquito’s one, they itch painfully lot, plus I happened to find out I am allergic. My only option was your bed bugs treatment that saved me from moving out.

  • Niamh Fowler

    I woke up last Tuesday only to find the nasty rash I obviously got from bed bugs. I had two options – run away or deal with them, but having in mind that I got no money for a new flat, I had to choose the second one and call you pros. 1 week passed, no damage whatsoever on my skin. Thank you a lot, Charles!

  • Paige Davey

    I can’t live in a house which has no curtains of any kind – it looks to me like a hospital or an office. They come with the price of cleaning often, which I can’t quite always do properly – especially the white ones the living room. I called your professionals, because I didn’t want to completely lose their colour and seems like it was the right move!

  • Freddie Fleming

    I have very dense and long curtains in my living room, inherited by my parents, which are quite the addition to the pleasant home design, but are a pain to clean. Sadly, none of them can fit into the washing machine and I simply lack the tools to give them a good clean. I’ve tried the curtain cleaning service of Charles, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results – I didn’t know that the draperies were actually Crayola once rather than the seemingly dark Burgundy colour they had before.

  • Harriet Turner

    Your cleaning personnel did quite an effective job in my bathroom. I had no idea how to keep it dry, since it’s in the middle of my apartment and putting a window there is out of the question. The cleaners advised me to place a ventilator in the chimney opening of the bathroom and leave the door opened for longer after taking a bath. That’s how I lowered my bathroom cleaning problems in half.

  • Isabella Carroll

    I would like to express my complete satisfaction with Charles’ drying service team. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do after we moved to the new apartment of ours. There was a lot of moisture in the bedroom, the windows look out North-west. Our baby has to sleep with us, so I wanted to be absolutely sure the excess water will be dried out. Your colleagues did a proper job for which I am very grateful.

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