Charles Carpet Cleaning Mission and Vision

We are a young company established by not so young professionals with experience in the carpet cleaning area. During the long years of hard work, we formed our vision about the proper carpet soft flooring services, customer satisfaction and paths to achieve them both.

“From the founding of the Charles Carpet Cleaning, we are trying to provide the best service at the best price for our clients. To achieve this we work with a large team pf skilled professionals with years of experience in the area, also, we work with the most advanced cleaning solutions made by the world leader Prochem. For our results, best speak the thousands of satisfied and loyal clients, and the smiles on their faces”

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Our understanding and philosophy which we follow strictly along the years are customer oriented and quality focused. We deliver great cleaning, with minimum risk to the health and maximum gratification for the clients. The idea of a happy and satisfied customer is at the core of our motivation and it’s what we build and create each service around. We came to the understanding that no matter how we see it and what efforts do we put in our work if our clients cannot see or cannot benefit from them enough, we should go a step further and become slightly better. We understand and do everything we can to follow the “constant improving” concept in each of our actions.

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The future of our services and company is entirely based on improving. We add more procedures to our service packages, optimise the prices, collect testimonials and improve on minute imperfections. Always open-minded and ready for challenges, we believe in quality improvement and proper customer service.

Strategy and goals

Our Goals are to deliver a complete service and increasing the number of customers we have by 30% till the end of the year. The strategy for that goal to become a reality is simple – work harder, dreams bigger, learn faster, measure the results, learn, make changes and do everything over and over again.

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