The Untold Story of Charlie

Before he became the Master of Steam the Cleaner of Stains and Grime, the Carpet Saver, who fought armies of bed bugs and dust mites – Charlie was just an ordinary teenager who played video games all day long.

One day, his dad walked into his room and said “Sonny boy, your uncle in London needs a helping hand with the carpet cleaning company.”

“Dad, can’t you see I’m trying to slay this pixelated dragon?” protested Charlie.

His fathered tossed him a folded blue jumpsuit and said “You better pack your things, mate! I’ll drive you to London tomorrow.”
And so, Charlie headed unwillingly for the big city to do something he never, not even once in his life, did before: clean.

“Wow, this place looks pretty cool!” said Charlie when he arrived at the company’s HQ but his voice echoed throughout the empty premises. The young man saw somebody had left an envelope with his name on the small coffee table in the corner. Charlie opened it and pulled out a small note. He read his uncle’s scribblings:

“Dear Charlie,

If you read this, then I’m afraid I’m gone, my boy. But don’t be sad for me, I’m in a better place now! Haiti is great this time of the year, I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful vacation! The sun, the beach, the five-star hotel amazing!

Take care of the cleaning matters for me while I’m gone, will you? I know you can do it! In this envelope, you will find further instructions. See you soon!”

Little we know of what circumstances fortified Charlie’s will to embark on this “quest” on that faithful day but soon rumours started to spread across the city. Of a young man, dressed in a blue jumpsuit and hair like fire, who goes from address to address and tackles cleaning tasks with ease.

Filth and stains stand no chance against him. He cleans carpets, mattresses and curtains – even does a top-to-bottom end of tenancy cleaning! Dust mites and bed bugs tremble with fear, knowing he’s out there to get them. Charlie stays vigilant and helps those in need of expert cleaning services. He’ll surely find time to help you, too! Just call today and leave all cleaning duties to Charlie.

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