The Best Spring Cleaning Tip You’ll Ever Get

spring cleaningBirds are singing. Flowers are blooming. It’s official: spring has come! The only one thing I don’t like about this season is … the spring cleaning, of course. Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely no doubts that spring cleaning is essential. However, I don’t think many people can devote the time necessary to a long session of scrubbing and dusting around the house.

Anyway, if you write down “spring cleaning” in Google, you’ll find hundreds of results. But, you don’t have to look any further. In this article, you’re going to find the best spring cleaning tips you’ll ever get! They’ll save you both time and money and you won’t have to rearrange your busy schedule.

General Cleaning

Store clutter in bins

Basically, we try to keep order in our home. However, from time to time things get out of control and the place gets full of clutter. Then, putting everything back to its proper place is nearly impossible. Both me and my partner have busy schedules. So, we search for some DIY ideas on Pinterest. For example, we use big boxes to sort our stuff.

spring cleaning

Use homemade cleaners

Take the time to create your own cleaning solutions and you’ll notice how faster stains and dirt will be removed. I made a couple of experiments comparing the effectiveness of commercial carpet cleaners to homemade ones and the results were astonishing. Substances like vinegar and baking soda cut through dirt and grease much faster than expensive cleaning detergents. Besides, they’re 100% eco-friendly.

Focus on high-traffic areas

Your floors get a lot of abuse throughout the whole year. Ever more if you have carpets which are notorious to attract and accumulate dirt, dust and soil into their pile. But if your goal isn’t a deep carpet cleaning then targeting spots that are walked on the most is a smart idea. If doorways and pathways get their fair share of vacuum cleaning your whole house will look much cleaner. While traversing around with the vacuum cleaner watch out for serious staining.

spring cleaning


Probably your kitchen witnessed a lot of action during the holidays – cooking, drinks preparation, guests hanging around. Now it’s time for you to say a big thank you with a good, old deep kitchen clean.

  • Step 1: Defrost and clean fridge. Use a proper detergent or scrub it with vinegar. If it smells bad, add some lemon juice.
  • Step 2: Clear kitchen cabinets and clean them inside and out. Wipe gently with disinfecting wipes.
  • Step 3: Remove grease and grime left after holiday cooking.



  • Step 1: Carefully clean toilet, sink and bathtub. If your bathroom is very dirty, use bleach. Otherwise, some mixture of vinegar and baking soda will do the job.
  • Step 2: Check your stock of cosmetics and medicines. Throw out any that have expired.
  • Step 3: Change the shower curtain and place new mat.


I hope the tricks I gave you are going to be useful for you. Now, as I promised you, is time for the best spring cleaning tip you’ll ever get and it’s very simple: Call professional cleaners to do the job for you! All you have to do is be careful and do your own ” carpet cleaning in London ” research before you actually hire a professional cleaning agency . It is inevitable that, despite all your efforts you will need a professional touch to revive the atmosphere in your home.

You do not have to feel guilty. If you have a well-structured cleaning schedule, rest assure that you are doing your best – you are not a professional cleaner after all. You have already done a lot to maintain your home possessions in the best way possible. I can assure you that many people have not done even that. It is really difficult to stick to such a schedule because the work is boring and mundane. Most people only consider the idea and procrastinate most of the time or easily give up and clean only in emergency situations – before a party or a visit from relatives.


Hiring a reliable regular cleaners in London is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of things. In every service transaction, there are three dimensions – quality, speed, and cost. Unfortunately, for many of us who do not possess unlimited financial resources, we have to be aware of these three dimensions. In our limited world, we have to make trade-offs in order to secure the optimal service we desire. For an example, if we had enough money we can afford to get high-quality and fast service in no time. But, if we do not have sufficient funds we may get not that good service, but fast. On the other hand, if we want a quality service at a low price, it will take more time to find a provider willing to deliver a quality services at affordable rates.

spring cleaning

However, besides the constraints described above, there are 3 steps that might help you get better than otherwise service:

Do your research

It’s a good idea to learn as much as possible for any potential regular cleaning agency. Make a list of providers in your area. Be assured that there will be a lot of possibilities, but narrow it down to three, four or maximum five companies. Otherwise, it will become a too time-consuming job. Cross-check their prices, review references. Many companies provide free estimates. Be extra cautious about any hidden charges or fees. Ask about the cleaning supplies they use. You can check the brand name afterward. You might also inquire about the machines they operate on.

Be on the spot

When the professional cleaners arrive at your home, state loud and clear what you want to be done and how. Be specific. Do you want just carpet cleaning or carpet cleaning plus upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning? You can even show the areas that bother you. That way you will be insured against a situation where you get extra services you do not need. Inspect the cleaned areas before the cleaners have left. Thus, you might show them on the spot if anything troubles you. Most of the time, reputable companies will repeat the process free of charge.


Keep the good work

Once you have your carpets deep cleaned, you should continue to maintain it that way. Scheduling a weekly vacuuming will do miracles. It will save you a lot of time and money. Another good advice is to act on the spot – if any spillage occurs blot it immediately and clean the area. Do not leave it for later!

If you have any questions regarding spring cleaning, feel free to ask them in the comments! Share the information with all your friends who may find it useful!

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