The 10 Most Often Mistakes In The Home Interior Design (Part II)

Carpet in the living roomLearn from your mistakes is the basic skill in the interior design. But why do you have to spoil your home, when you can learn what others already established. With more attention to detail and planning in advance, you can avoid the 10 most often made mistakes in the interior design, which we will show you in two consecutive blog posts.

You Buy the Furniture Before You Checked the Size of Your Place

Placing too big pieces of furniture in the rooms has a very high price. That way the room will look smaller and narrower, if you don’t choose the right furnishing. Usually there’s nothing wrong in large sofas and armchairs, as long as the room can “take them in”, but using smaller ones will certainly “open” up the room and create a sensation of freedom and expanse.

One more thing, which is incredibly important and most people often forget about it. Make sure the furniture can pass through the entrance door.

You Clutter the Room Too Much with Furniture and Interior Accessors

cluttered roomEvery interior designer will tell you, that furnishing your bedroom reflects your state of mind. The same goes for the rest of the rooms in your home. A room, which is cluttered with coffee tables, couches, stools and all kinds of upholstery can make you feel like you are in a prison. The standing itself in the room will make you feel tired and tensed. Don’t forget to leave enough empty space to move. Don’t be tempted by the idea to fill every little space. Leave your room to “breathe”. That way it will be so much easier for you to relax.

Bad Lighting

Every project might look well when it’s darker, but what happens when you light up the place? When you build your interior project, don’t forget to bear in mind one of the most important characteristics in a room – the lighting. You will find out that it can fix a small mistake in the furnishing, as well as to fail the most clever design. The emotion of the room is hidden in the lighting. That’s why it shouldn’t be too bright, so that it blinds your eyes, but at the same time, the too scarce a lighting will only bring a gloomy sensation in the room. Fortunately, there’s a large choice of lighting fixtures and you will need to separate a small portion of your time to research the most appropriate for your home.

You Don’t Combine Colours

colourful home design

The colours in the room are not only about the kind or paint or wallpapers there are on the walls. The shades and hues of the furnishing and the interior accessors to a large extend influence your mood. Do not stress on one main colour, even if you are sure you want it to be the main tone of the room. Add contrast and synchronising shades in the colour schemes and you won’t regret it. There’s a huge choice of colour schemes for the different rooms, especially for latex and oil paint. In every store they will help you to choose the right shade, as there’s an opportunity to mix it there and see the result or do it yourself at home.

You Pick A Paint Before The Furniture and Upholstery

As we already mentioned, the colours are an extremely minute and precise detail when coming up with your interior design. That’s why don’t make the mistake to rush into it. Not only that painting takes a lot of time, but it’s also one of the least changeable interior elements. The table or the couch can be easily moved, but repainting the whole room is a whole different story. That’s why first choose the furniture and the other accessors for the interior, after that take some samples from the upholstery and the carpets, so that the colours can be completely synchronised. It will be so much easier to find the right shades, which will match the furniture, rather than looking for the one and only couch out there.

Take a look at Part I of home interior design mistakes here.

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