The Carpet Cleaning Products Used By Charles' Team

Charles Carpet Cleaning in London offers you a range of highly-effective cleaning procedures for your home or workplace. However, carpet cleaning remains our signature service. To achieve such great results, we use a variety of cleaning methods. Some of the methods include the use of professional detergents and stain removers from Prochem. For easy reference, here are a few examples:

  • Pre-Spray Solutions

Multi Pro – It is an excellent choice for pre-treating heavy traffic areas. It does a great job against draught marks and greasy stains. It comes in the form of a turquoise blue liquid with a fresh minty aroma.

Trafficlean – This is a heavy duty detergent with extra water-soluble solvent. It does miracles against stubborn, greasy spots.

  • Stain Removal Solutions

Stain Pro – It is an extremely powerful water- and solvent-based alkaline protein spotter. We usually use it against bodily fluids as well as a range of common household stains from drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, as well as any food-based spots.

Solvall Spotter – An extremely volatile dry solvent for general stain cleaning. Works exceptionally against the common range of household stains as well as oil-based paints, adhesive substances, and even chewing gum.

Red Rx – Designed specially to fight off food stains which appear red in colour, as well as soft carbonated drinks and fruit juices.

Coffee Stain Remover – Works specifically against coffee, tea, beer, tannin, and water marks. Any stains that appears brown or yellowish is doomed against this detergent.

  • Carpet Rinsing Detergents

Double Clean – One detergent, twice the cleaning power. Designed for use against heavily-soiled articles of carpeting. It contains anionic and non-ionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitor, and alkaline builders.

Crystal Green – This is Prochem’s signature non-ionic carpet extraction detergent for outstanding results. It can easily dissolve greasy substances.

  • Deodorisers & Neutralisers

Odour Neutraliser – Designed to eliminate foul smells, this detergent fights off a variety of bad aromas.

Lemon Refresh – This is a concentrated fragrance additive which can be included to any other cleaning solution.

  • Protection

Scotchgard Carpet Protector – If you wish, we can coat your carpets and rugs with Scotchgard at the end of your service. This way your items will stay fresh for an extended period of time, and they will be protected against a wide range of well-known stains.

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