Maintain Your Carpets Clean And Fresh Like A Boss

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Carpets are a great design addition to your home – but make sure to clean and maintain them regularly.

If you have carpets in your home or office, then you know how difficult it is to keep them clean and fresh. Especially in those places that accumulate the most of the “foot traffic” during the day. This refers to corridors, the front door and the doorstep of each room at home.

And though the battle for your carpet to look like new for as long as possible is quite burdensome, there are some things you can do to keep your rugs in pristine condition.

Vacuum Clean Your Carpets Regularly

vacuum cleaner on carpet

The vacuum cleaner can be a great helper, but also mess with you, if you don’t use it right.

The worst enemy at home is dust. It can cause allergies, asthma, difficulty in breathing and other health problems. It can be mostly found on the carpets, the shelves or under the beds. It is recommended to vacuum clean the carpet at least twice per week, whereas once a month you should clean it with a wet rag as well.

An efficient vacuum cleaning technique is to move the appliance in different directions. The aim is to simply clear the stocky deep dirt and restore the loose stance of the carpet. Turn it into a useful habit, thus avoiding the garbage penetrating in the depths of the carpet, which can darken the tumbled and used carpets.

Don’t Leave Today’s Work For Tomorrow

dog-shaped stain

Clean the stains straight away – after all, not all of them will be as fancy as this dog-shaped stain.

If you see a stain on the carpet, it is best to clean it immediately. Take some time to clean up the stained spot which will prevent permanent contaminations, depending on what was spilled. First of all, try with plain water. It should work well by lightly touching with a damp cloth. Try not to rub back and forth – it will only lead to the stain spreading wider. If water does not help, then you can resort to other solutions to clean your carpets. The market offers a lot of cleaning detergents for contaminated areas. Just follow the instructions on the label of the cleaning solution.

You Don’t Need To Walk On Air

carpet swatches

Generally, carpets that bear the most foot traffic must be quite sturdy – like the ones above.

It’s generally better to put rugs or carpet trails in places which accumulate the most movement at home because they are durable enough to out-stand people constantly passing.

Strong pressure on a certain area of the carpet fibres can clump and flatten them and make the whole carpet look like worn.

When the carpet in the living room, for example, stays for a long time in a position relative to the furniture in it you can see the so-called “areas of traffic”. These are sections of the carpet on which people most often tread, sit or your kids play there. Areas that remain tucked under the couch or bed retain their fresh colours longer and are visibly clean. To avoid this situation and to prevent the formation of zones, periodically re-arrange your furniture or easier – the carpet itself.

Finally, you can dishevel those nasty circles on the carpets caused by the heavy furniture with a fork, as carpet cleaners from Greater London advise.

Regular Steaming Is Key

If you have not done so already, regular steam cleaning will not only refresh the carpets, but also help to remove dirt that deeply penetrated between the fibres. Using a steam cleaner frequently will keep your rugs in a good condition. Last but not least, you will provide your home with a sense of comfort, when you look at the clean and beautiful carpets.

Make Your Life Easier

carpet maintenance doormat

Having a doormat outside is generally better – your home will be even more welcoming!

A large percentage of dirt and dust enters our home through the front door only because we ourselves allow it. Why not add an extra doormat outside, so people can wipe their shoes before they enter? That will eliminate the possibility of small particles to cram in the carpets and that will be of great comfort to you. Note that the doormats should be of high quality, so not only larger particles, but smaller ones will also have a great difficulty crossing your doorstep together with you.

Bring The Heavy Artillery

carpet dirty

Do not let your carpets look like that – clean and maintain them regularly.

No matter how clean the carpet at home is after the vacuum cleaner and the rag, a stable layer of dust can not be removed completely. Therefore it is necessary at least once a time to launder the carpet. Especially convenient moments are spring and fall cleaning – use either or best – both. Car wash steamers achieve the most accurate results as they penetrate between the fibres of the textile with high power and strength.

Don’t forget to wash the floor below the carpet, but don’t put it back immediately after, because moisture can damage the fabric. Better wait a few minutes until you are sure that the floor is dry.

Those Who Did Not Embark On The Carpet Journey Yet

flying carpet

Don’t fall for a heavy, big carpet – this is already out of fashion.

If you are about to purchase a carpet, choose a model with compact dimensions. Anyway, the big, heavy and expensive carpets are already out of fashion. This is a practical advise to people who hold on cleanliness very much, because the smaller and lighter the carpet, the more often it will be to beat it off the dust.

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