Handy Tips On How To Remove Paint From Carpets

oil-paintIn case you like your walls or furniture painted, it may have accidentally happened to you to spill on your rug or carpet paint. This is extremely unpleasant, since clean-up afterwards is quite hard. This is why in the following post we will help you with a few pieces of advice to deal with such situation.

We have gathered a number of methods, which can do well in a domestic environment. You will see them afterwards, according to the type and the quantity of paint on the carpet and whether it is dry or still wet.

A Paint Drop On The Carpet Flooring

If just one tiny drop of paint fell on the carpet, leave it to dry, but be careful not to spread it around. After that, using a pair of scissors or a barber knife, carefully cut out the dirty parts of the carpet. If you try to remove it, while it wasn’t dry enough, there’s the danger to colourise the area around which will cause you double the amount of work, wasted time and nerves.

A Small Amount Of Latex Paint, Still Wet

Remove-a-Coffee-Stain-from-Carpet-Step-1-Version-2If you just spilled latex paint on the carpet, the carpet strip or the moquette, first soak the maximum you can, but try not to spread it on the other parts of the soft flooring, too. You can use a disposable cotton towel for cleaning or a napkin. Don’t rub or press the paint on the fibres. This will make the stain worse and harder to clean. You can block the paint from spreading away with some dense object – a knife, a plank or anything you have in hand.

After you remove as much as possible from the latex, using water and soap or detergent, rub the place until the stain disappears completely. For even greater efficiency, you can also put vinegar, but bear in mind, that it can damage the colouring. A steamer can also help.

A Large Quantity Of Latex Paint, Still Wet

You spilled a whole latex box on the carpet and wonder what to do? Relax! There’s still hope for the carpet.

Again, the same procedure – soak as much as you can with a cotton towel or a napkin. Afterwards, moisten the spot with water and go over with a vacuum cleaner, working with water. Repeat the action until the paint is completely cleaned. After that take a soft brush, water and a detergent or a soap, and clean the remains. You may have to leave the carpet to dry for a while, in order to make sure that the paint has completely been removed.

We warn you, you might need to apply a serious effort to remove the whole amount of latex from the carpet.

Dried Latex

Remove-a-Coffee-Stain-from-CarpetIf the paint you spilled has already dried, you can try to remove it by scraping it off with a knife from the fibres. After you remove the better part, follow the previous instructions for dealing with wet latex.

If, despite all your efforts, the stain does not come off, you can try with a mix of acetone, latex diluent or hydrogen peroxide, but they can damage the colouring of the carpet.

Oil-based Paint, Still Wet

If you spilled oil paint and it is still wet, absorb as much as you can. After that use mineral spirit or acetone to get off the remains. Pour a bit of the chemicals on a clean towel and rub the flooring. Bear in mind, that you can de-colourise the carpet itself this way.

Dry Oil Paint On The Carpet

If the oil paint is already dry, most of the detergents on the market won’t be able to deal with it. You can try with a steamer to remove the paint from the fibres of the soft flooring, but that will be a time-consuming and nagging process, the results of which are not guaranteed.

Nothing Helps, What Now?

How-to-get-rid-of-carpet-stains-from-HousewifeHowTosIf you tried everything so far, but it doesn’t work, there are few other options.

Professional cleaners usually use more powerful tools to deal with drastic problems, such as spilled paint. Usually, they got the means and experience to solve these issues and on top of that, their services have become accessible and affordable.

Why not try adding a piece on the carpet. If you happen to have an older rug, similar to the damaged one, you can take fibres out of it and mask the damaged ones. With a little bit of imagination and skill, you can create a new pattern in the dirty area, which will complement the rest of the elements of the carpet.

Most of the detergents that clean paint contain strong chemical substances which can additionally damage your carpet. That is why, before accepting any form of action, first try them on a small piece of the flooring, which is less easily noticeable.

If you still are out of options, you can always spill more paint in other parts of the carpet and give it a designer look!

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