The Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Carpets

persian carpetCleaning your carpets doesn’t require a special educational degree. You might be worried if you spill a glass of wine or tomato juice on your rug, but if you follow Charles’ recommendations, your carpet will be clean again. Basically, all you have to do is take professional cleaning detergents and disinfectants for your carpets and follow their instructions.

Yet, there are some basic mistakes when cleaning the carpets, which can be avoided. In the next line we will fit some frequent mistakes, which most consumers make, when cleaning their floor coverings. It’s extremely important to use high quality detergents, mops, microfibre towels, brushes and a vacuum cleaner. In order to gather all those tools in one place to store them easier, you can use a professional cleaning cart. Let’s now go through the carpet cleaning blunders.

You Don’t Start Cleaning Right Away

walking clock

Act immediately after the spillage an unwanted carpet “decoration”.

Usually, spillages on the carpet soak into the material quite fast. If you are not faster, the red wine and tomato juice stains will never get out of your sight. If you wait too much, they will dry, too. It’s better to start as soon as you make the mess.

You Don’t Use Professional Cleaning Detergents And Disinfectants

Professional quality cleaning solutions are more easily obtain, than you actually suppose. If stains and spillages happen often, whether your kids or pets are the reason, using professional cleaning detergents will provide freshness and will revive your old rug. You won’t even believe the difference.

You Use The Wrong Materials

wine stain on carpet

You don’t need the strongest materials to clean the most stubborn stains – you just need the right tactics.

There are many different brands on the market now, whereas each one of them has its purpose. Before you use the product you’ve chosen, don’t forget to read the label on the package. There are for example, much stronger solutions which can actually do more damage than good. Look for maximum efficiency, not maximum power.

You Don’t Test The Detergent First

coffee stained carpet

Test your carpet durability against the treatment, because it might affect your rug quality later.

If you really care about your carpets it is recommended to test how they react to the solution, before actually using a given cleaning detergent for the first time. Before you treat the stain it’s better to pour a little bit of the solution on a part which is hidden beneath the couch or the wardrobe. With a little bit of attention and time, you can avoid making a serious mistake of using the inappropriate detergent.

You Clean Your Carpet Too Often

Although it’s crucial part of home-making to keep your carpet in a tip-top condition, it’s advisable to do it less frequently. A few times per week will only worsen the fabric quality and durability and it will wear out or lose colour.

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