How To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home


As one of the most popular materials for surface finish today, carpet is a product that has many useful features. Yet, there are some key points that consumers should pay attention to when choosing the best carpet. Knowledge of these issues and the use of information from all the sales consultants during the selection will help you make a much better choice.

Choose A Carpet According To Price

dining room carpet design

Carpet size plays a huge role into creating a sense of bigger or smaller space.

One of the most important elements when choosing the carpet are the financial possibilities. There are many options and price range depending on the consumer’s needs and the budget allocated for this. What matters is how long you want to use this rug.

When you have purchased a high quality carpet, no matter how high is the price you pay, you get a valuable item for many years.

The first item that determines the price of the carpet is the characteristics of the thread used. Production and design of the carpet are also issues that affect the price.

Carpet Usage

hallway woven carpet

Those woven durable carpets are a perfect addition to your hallway.

Before buying a suitable carpet for your own home, there are some key questions you should ask yourselves. The first of these questions you need to answer is which room to buy carpet for.

The rooms with high traffic, such as the entrance or the corridor, it is important to buy the most durable carpets, as far as your budget allows it. Choose carpets with classic and fabulous qualities that you can use for many years.

Choosing The Carpet Colour

living room lighter design carpet

As you can see, the lighter shade of this particular carpet puts an accent on the overall room light.

Your preferred colour of the carpet is quite a personal choice. It is possible to choose the most appropriate colour to combine with the atmosphere you want to create. According to the design of the rug and the colours of the various spaces, the interior will be exactly what you dream of.

It is recommended that you combine the carpet purchase with the colour of the furniture and the curtains in the room. Aspects such as the size of the room or the opportunity to receive sunlight are also points that need to be addressed during the selection of carpet colouring.

A pleasant atmosphere is created with the help of hot shades in the rooms that do not receive sunlight. Keep in mind that lighter colours make the room wide, whereas the dark shades provide sincere atmosphere. In the hallway, or in the areas that are subject to dense traffic, when choosing the darker shades, you can be sure that it is easier to hide stains and dirt.

The choice of colour helps to create different effects in the rooms. These effects are a feeling for space, heat and cold. In addition, when the carpet colour is related to how you want to emphasise on your floor. If you don’t want to accent on the floor in your house as the forefront of your home design, you can choose a neutral carpet colour. Thus will place the emphasis on the furnishing. If you believe that your furniture is not attractive enough and it is necessary to draw attention to the floor, your carpet should be light coloured or even striped.

Carpet design room

A total match here. The carpet accents on the draperies, and vice versa.

Warm And Cold Colour Preferences

In order to warm your house, colours, such as light-brown, orange, red or beige must be chosen. To make the space colder, dark-brown or grey could be preferred.

The room furnishing is also of great importance when choosing the carpet colour. Wood shades are never in harmony with some colours. That is why you always need to compare the carpet and furniture shades and see if they are compatible.

Light And Dark Colour Preferences

darker shade room design

Darker rooms are ideal for relaxation.

Lighter colours will give an exciting effect. Using lighter colours such as beige or white will make your room look more spacious than it actually is.

The dark colour effect is very convenient and pleasant. Bearing in mind that lighter shades are able to reflect the light and make the rooms brighter, the darker ones on the other hand have the ability to absorb the light and provide a shady look of the room.

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