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The 10 Most Often Mistakes In The Home Interior Design (Part II)

colourful home design

Learn from your mistakes is the basic skill in the interior design. But why do you have to spoil your home, when you can learn what others already established. With more attention to detail and planning in advance, you can avoid the 10 most often made mistakes in the interior design, which we will show […]

Top 10 Most Often Mistakes In The Home Interior Design (Part I)

family room design

You don’t have to hire an expert in interior design to create the home of your dreams. Although it can be beneficial for you, you can do well as a professional, by avoiding some of the 10 most often made mistakes, which you will hear about in two consecutive blog posts.

9 Cleaning Myths You Probably Believe Blindly

baking soda and vinegar

You can find a diversity of ideas for domestic cleaning. Most of your relatives also share with pleasure those home improvement tips. It is not easy to assimilate all that information and filter out the useful practices. Let’s help you by debunking 9 popular cleaning myths.

The Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Carpets


Cleaning your carpets doesn’t require a special educational degree. You might be worried if you spill a glass of wine or tomato juice on your rug, but if you follow Charles’ recommendations, your carpet will be clean again. Basically, all you have to do is take professional cleaning detergents and disinfectants for your carpets and […]

How To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home


  As one of the most popular materials for surface finish today, carpet is a product that has many useful features. Yet, there are some key points that consumers should pay attention to when choosing the best carpet. Knowledge of these issues and the use of information from all the sales consultants during the selection […]

Maintain Your Carpets Clean And Fresh Like A Boss

carpet maintenance doormat

If you have carpets in your home or office, then you know how difficult it is to keep them clean and fresh. Especially in those places that accumulate the most of the “foot traffic” during the day. This refers to corridors, the front door and the doorstep of each room at home.

The War Of The Floors – Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

carpet mural

Do you have carpets at home? Or you chose not to bother and prefer the hard-wood floor? What about the summer? Or winter? Carpeting or a plain hard-wood surface has been the eternal question for years. Let’s have a little chat on whether or not you need carpets at home and are they actually useful.

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