The War Of The Floors – Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

colourful carpet

Carpets can warm up your place, though you can’t depend on them only.

Do you have carpets at home? Or you chose not to bother and prefer the hard-wood floor? What about the summer? Or winter? Carpeting or a plain hard-wood surface has been the eternal question for years. Let’s have a little chat on whether or not you need carpets at home and are they actually useful. There are as many opponents to having a floor covering at home, as supporters. Some would say it adds that little extra comfort to your home which makes it cosy and warm, others would never want to spend all their free afternoon getting rid of dust, pet hair, and God knows what else. Let’s go over the extremes and together explore the pros and cons of having or not having a carpet at home.

What Is The Use Of Having A Carpet At Home?

Carpet Flooring Is a Source of Comfort

The main reason one will consider buying a carpet to cover their floorings is that they want to make their home living more comfortable. Carpets are especially useful for households, which always leave their shoes off by the entrance door. Talk about maintenance, right?

A Soundproof Barrier

Carpets in different colours

Carpets come in a variety of colours, which gives you unlimited scope for home design choices.

You can actually benefit if your neighbours have carpets at their home. If they prefer hard wood floorings, whatever they drop, the kids or pets running, it will undoubtedly result as the unpleasant noise and reason #1 why you hate your neighbours.

A Stylish Design Addition

red carpet pattern

Carpets will give you the extra comfort your feet will certainly appreciate.

You can easily engage the colours of the furniture by adding a carpet of the same shade. You can look on a carpet as an addition to the room, but it can as well play the role of the main element, which gives the beauty and style of the space. The famous designer David Scott says, that in order for a carpet to be the “room soul” the “colour scheme of the furniture and accessors must be combined with it”.

Goodbye, Cold Feet

Using carpets in the bedroom accents on the feeling of calmness. If you tuck in the carpet edges below the bed, that will completely avoid stepping on the cold floor after waking up in the morning. But what about the summer, when it’s hot enough and a carpet on the floor will just gather dust and won’t do much use except for making your home look prettier? You can easily adjust to the different seasons and take out the carpet from the chest of drawers when the wind starts to blow.

What’s Not So Great About Carpet Floorings?

Durability Can Be an Issue

shiny bamboo flooring surface

Plain hardwood rooms should be furnished well – otherwise the place will look empty and unwelcoming.

Hardwood floorings are generally more durable than carpets. Basically, you need to walk on air, in order to save your carpet from damaging eventually. It actually all depends on the carpet quality. A nice, sturdy carpet can last more than twenty years. But it will never be as durable as a proper hardwood flooring surface.

Harder To Maintain

laminate installing

Think well wether you will leave your laminate exposed or cover it with a “blanket” when it gets colder.

What you need to know, before you consider buying a carpet for your home, is that it needs regular cleaning. That means, on a daily basis. Plus, there’s always a bit of dust left, no matter how hard you try. All this doesn’t mean you have a carte Blanche for leaving your hardwood neglected, though – mop it regularly as well.

Cost Efficiency

Generally, hardwood floorings are more expensive than carpets. The regular price could exceed double the one of rugs per square meter. But the life expectancy of a hardwood flooring could even triple or quadruple the one of a regular carpet. That means, in the really long term, hardwood flooring will definitely pay out.

What Should You Ultimately Stick With?

carpet mural

Choose the floor surface that will suit you and your family best.

Ultimately, the choice between a carpet or no carpet depends on a multitude of factors. You will need to consider the home interior, the hygiene point of view, the overall maintenance of temperature during the colder days of the year, as well as your family needs and way of life. Choose the floorings that will be pretty enough for you, act as an insulation during the winter and easier to maintain.

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