6 Top Used Green Cleaning Solutions – Pros and Cons

green clean carpet with kid and a dogDo you pay attention to TV commercials? Do you Believe in them? I personally reached a point where i filter all the information i hear and see. The reason why is simple and quite obvious. There are companies offering non healthy, cheap but good looking products which sell a lot. These are the brands presented on the commercial brakes and their products quite often are bad for our health on the long term. The cleaning solutions for example, disinfect, clean and polish perfectly but if nor used correctly they might be as dangerous as dirt and grease.

What are the best green carpet cleaning solutions?

Baking soda – many use it for cleaning, stain and smell removing, deodorising. It’s cheap and great for multiple purposes. It can be used alone or in solutions.

Plain soap – perfect cleaning solution. It cleans more than you can imagine. I know people who use liquid soap in their washing machines and i have to admit, the results are better than what i could even imagine. Relevantly cheap, easy to find and with multiple usage. The only downside of the soap is the need of good rinsing, but i think that’s a small price to pay.

Lemon – basically an acid but better. Cheap, easy to find and delivers great results every time. It deals with all stains and grease usual acids can, but with the added benefits of good smell, health safety and low price. It’s often used by chemical companies as an ingredient for their cleaning products.

White vinegar – another type of acid. Among other applications, its polishing capabilities and qualities are so good, it’s used by jewellery makers for shining up gold and silver.

Isopropyl alcohol – the perfect disinfectant. It’s main ingredient in many cleaning solutions. It’s main downside is itс volatility which demands fast actions when working with it.

Cornstarch – ideal solution for windows cleaning.

Tip: when cleaning glass and windows, simple, plain newspapers do great job for fingertips and grease removing.


These solutions are effective and often used even by professionals, when clients want to be sure kids and family members will be in complete safety.

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